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"I Am Enough" is a ballet film which was later adapted for the stage at Lincoln Center 

Premiering on

National Coming Out Day 2019

Featured in:
Digital Journal
Curve Magazine
Broadway Box
The Dance Edit
Celeb Mix
The Dance Enthusiast

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New York

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If we’re living in an age where love is considered universal, why are we still only seeing the same, traditional portrayals of it?

As a former ballet dancer, I noticed that despite there being so much LGBTQ representation in film and television, you saw next to none in ballet storytelling. So many ballets center around romance, culminating with a grandiose pas de deux (a dance for two people) where the man spins the ballerina and lifts her over his head. 

I realized that the reason was rooted in a gatekeeper mentality that kept ballet stuck in the past, in the same way that it often excluded people of different body types and ethnic backgrounds. 

I set out to create piece with the kind of representation

I would have wanted to see as a young girl.

My team included queer choreographer Adriana Pierce

and singer/songwriter Daphne Willis, whose song serves

as the backdrop with an inspiring message of self-love.

I think having LGBTQ+ collaborators added so much authenticity to a film portraying the collective experience of so many.

New York City Ballet soloist, Georgia Pazcoguin and Broadway

dancer, Skye Mattox, starred in the piece, which we shot

on a Red Epic at The YouTube Space in New York City. 

Thank you to all of our generous Indiegogo backers, creative consultants, my dedicated producing team, forever faithful DP, visionary production designer, the amazing and talented crew, and my loved ones for encouraging me to never give up on my crazy ideas. 

Director's Statement




Georgina Pazcoguin

Skye Mattox


Victoria Duncan - Director | Executive Producer | Additional Editor

Adriana Pierce - Choreographer

Qinza Malik Khan - Producer

Sheldon Walker - Director of Photography

Lee Milby - Production Designer

Alexander Frasse - Editor

Kat Cameron - Line Producer

Pooja Chauhan - Development Producer

Cameron Dinwiddie - Associate Producer

Kimberly Moore - Associate Producer


Shivangani Suri - Assistant Director

Walter Alexander Perez - Production Assistant

Michelle (Ziyi) Yao - Production Assistant | Art PA


Marco Andre - Camera Operator

Xiaoyu Chen - 1st Assistant Camera

Benjamin Handel - 2nd Assistant Camera

Eren Dennis Gedikoglu - Gaffer

Lucas Mestrallet - Key Grip

John Patrick White - Swing | Art Production Assistant


Cassaundra Franklin - Art Director

Tetiana Glushchenko - Hair and Make-Up

Amanda Broll - Stylist | Art Production Assistant

Lucila Manara Benedit - Art Production Assistant


Emily Bailey - Colorist

Sarah Lynne Midkiff - Behind-The-Scenes Photographer + Videographer

Gwyneth Ong - Photo Editor + Graphic Designer

Daphne Willis - Singer/Songwriter "I Am Enough"

Ali VanHouten - Assistant to Daphne Willis

Dylan LoBue - YouTube Space Production Coordinator


Special thanks to:

-Our Indiegogo Backers

-The YouTube Space NY

-Ripley Grier Studios

-Sprung Floor Solutions

Screen Shot 2021-08-11 at 5.58.34 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-08-11 at 5.58.00 PM.png


"I Am Enough" at Dance Against Cancer

On June 21, 2021, "I Am Enough" was adapted for the stage and performed at Lincoln Center for The American Cancer Society's Dance Against Cancer annual event (the largest live ticketed dance event in NYC since the start of the pandemic).

In July of 2021, I shot and edited a mini documentary on Cortney Taylor-Key for Adriana Pierce's #QueerTheBallet initiative (featured in the New York Times).

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