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In a dystopian society where music is outlawed, a child spy is forced to choose between obeying the rules and following her heart.

Director's Statement

As a long-time history buff and lover of dystopian fiction, I've always been intrigued by the sociology of group mentality-- when people conform to what their community encourages rather than pursuing their truth. Where and when you are born is so arbitrary, yet can determine your entire destiny.

How sad that one's potential is limited by what society

accepts, yet the "norm" varies drastically around the world.

What are these rules and why do we need to follow them?

This film serves as an allegory for those born where they don't fit.

Universally, these people face the ultimate choice:


Conform for survival while betraying their true selves,

or pursue happiness at the risk of rejection or even death.

I hope after watching this film, viewers can look at their own communities with a more critical eye and a greater empathy

towards those who go against the grain.


Best Drama - Gold Star Film Festival 2018
Best LGBTQ+ Short - Lady Filmmakers Film Festival 2018
Editing Commendation - First Run Film Festival 2018
Top 10 Voted Films - New York Lift-Off Online Film Festival 2018

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Official Selections:

Blow-Up Arthouse International Film Festival - Chicago 2018
Lady Filmmakers Film Festival 2018
New York No Limits: Short Film Series 2018
New York Lift-Off Online Film Festival 2018 
Cannes Film Festival: Short Film Corner 2018
First Run Film Festival 2018
Longleaf Film Festival 2018

International New York Film Festival - Semi-Finalist 2018
Halloween International Film Festival 2017
Gold Star Film Festival 2017



We shot on location in the Outer Banks of North Carolina over the course of 5 days. We chose sites like Jockey's Ridge National Park and the Elizabethan Gardens to give the film and otherworldly feel. 

Our cast comprised of talent from North Carolina and Georgia, including local talent from the rural coastal towns along the Outer Banks. 


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Directed, Written, and Executive Produced by

Victoria Duncan


Executive Producer

William C. Duncan


Line Producers

Victoria Duncan

Alexander Frasse



Gina Boone

Michelle Bucci


Director of Photography

Sheldon Walker


Production Designers

Andreas Beissel

Stephanie Shulman

Victoria Duncan


Edited by Avishai Weinberger


Associate Producer

Betsy Brown


Music Composer

Markus Zakaria


Casting Director

Victoria Duncan


First Assistant Director

Sarah Johnson


Second Assistant Director

Jessica Wasserlauf



Amanda - Reese Hoggard

Mary - Bryce Whitney Ferrall

Ms. Johnson - Amanda Szymczak

Commander - Alexander Michael Wilson

Teacher - Savannah Brown

Child Spies - Keyarie Blackwell

Dara Yates

Sarah Dickens

Grace Folds

Jacob Cole Beam

Evan Cabral



Peyton Cabral

Blake Cabral

Rae Couch

Damon Horak

Grace Folds

Taylor Brooks

Kathleen Beam

Hannah Montgomery

Kathryn Montgomery

Hannah Curcio

Darcy Kampe

Alina Galecki

Rubie Shoemaker

Johnny Metacarpa

Collin Sullivan

Leah Mandis



Andreas Beissel

Adrian Al-Khalidi


Stunt Weapons Courtesy of The Specialists Ltd. 


Production Supervisor

Mark DePace


Script Supervisor - Lauryn Green


1st Assistant Camera - Sejal Kothari


2nd Assistant Camera - William Brooks


Camera Operator - Sung Hyun Kim

Key Grip - Andrew Bullington


Grips - Nekira Shavonne Woodbury

Shane Norton



Gaffer - Kat Cameron


Sound Mixer - Eamon Fay


Boom Operator - Christine Johnson


Hair and Make-Up - Candace Demery


Transportation - William Duncan

Catherine Duncan

Sandy Hoggard

Whitney Ferrall

Alexander Frasse

Kat Cameron

Jessica Wasserlauf


Production Assistants

Lakeya Mason

Daniel Haut

Langston Cabral

Tyler Bucci

Adrian Al-Khalidi



Catherine Duncan (Mommy Chef)


Visual Effects - Mark DePasquale


Sound Designer - Markus Zakaria 


Colorist - Avishai Weinberger


Song Credits - 



(Johann Pachelbel)

Performed by [artist]

Published by [publishing company]

Courtesy of [recording licensor]



(Claude Debussy)

Performed by [artist]

Published by [publishing company]

Courtesy of [recording licensor]


Special Thanks

The Elizabethan Gardens

Hatteras Realty

Jockey’s Ridge National Park

Cape Hatteras Secondary School

Vondie Curtis Hall

Noah Price

Mike Herder

Alrick Brown

Christina DeHaven

Don Roy King

Joseph Gilford

Mark Arywitz

Sisa Holguin

Thomas Gall

Guy Gaster

Holly Austin

Carl Curnutte

Debo Cox

Bo Wallis

Beth Rooks



Gidget's Pizza and Pasta

Surfin' Pig Barbecue

Food Lion



The Elizabethan Gardens

Hatteras Realty

Jockey’s Ridge National Park

Cape Hatteras Secondary School


Camera, Lenses, and Equipment courtesy of Adorama, Handheld, and NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts


Picture Edited on Adobe Premiere Pro


Produced through the Maurice Kanbar Institute of Film, Television, and New Media

Advanced Narrative Workshop

Copyright 2017

New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts