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On Friday March 13th, 2020, I filmed the subway on my commute to work... my last commute to work ever.

The next week, I began working from

home and 3 weeks later, I was laid off.

The tension that morning was unbearable. The usually

packed subway was completely empty. I wore my mask diligently after having recently returned from

Asia, but still received judgmental stares.

That night, in a panic, I sprayed cleaning fluid

on everything I owned, but ended up accidentally

bleaching my jacket in the process (Brooklyn chic?)

I couldn't distract myself from the news. Feigned smiles masking internal panic mixed with shameless hysteria.

It felt like everyone was saying something different, 

and I knew that was because no one actually

knew what the hell was going on. 

Using audio from various talk shows, news

reports, and interviews, this film was created

that same day as a way to process the panic

and confusion of that time in history.


Official Selection

Out of Caution: The Next Generation

The Brick Theater, New York

#MyJustice Film Contest

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