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"Victoria told me about a remarkably ambitious film project she was spearheading for her senior project.

I was more than impressed. She had fearlessly embraced a challenge that would scare a lot of pros and did so while still a full-time intern. I think Victoria has a rare combination of talents and proclivities that would serve any production: a well-rounded skill set mixed with a strong work ethic; driving ambition tempered with patience and calm; and a willingness to say, 'I don't know how to do that, but I want to learn."

Those combinations are a lot more rare than most people think." 

- Don Roy King, 10x Emmy Winning Director of Saturday Night Live

"Ms. Duncan's studio productions demonstrated a determination to perfect her skills as a director and,

in the process, developed her own unique style of shooting with three cameras and blocking actors. I also noted on one of her project evaluations that as a director she consistently inspires her crew to do their best. Of particular note was her final project, Trudy, an original teleplay on a young woman having a date with her high school crush and realizing what a complete loser he had become.


This was an extremely challenging project in terms of the time constraints- two hours- and a number

of sets- the actual Mexican restaurant scene and flashbacks to her high school memories. Ms. Duncan directed the production with real expertise to the extent in the class screening all praised her sense of comedy, very clever script, set design, and performances. Most recently, I screened Trudy

for my present Sight & Sound: Studio section as an exceptional example of a final project.

My students were very impressed and asked many questions on how Ms. Duncan

had accomplished the project in such a short amount of time."

- Evelyn McVeigh, Professor at Tisch School of the Arts


"Victoria's positive, outgoing personality and strong intelligence were a perfect addition to our team.

She is an excellent problem-solver with a strong work ethic; both crucial components for a successful

filmmaker. In addition to her work at Ark, Victoria shared some of her own narrative film work with me.

Her short films are creative and carefully executed, and Victoria is excited to discuss ideas openly about

her developing projects. This is an important skill for any director and

a testament to Victoria's dedication to growing as an artist."

- Bonnie Foster, Ark Media

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